When a Fairy came Visiting
October 12, 2018

When a Fairy came Visiting

“I am faye, faye the lil fairy. During one of my fairy jaunts, I chanced upon these beautiful....”

You can’t be blamed if you thought it was the beginning of a story for little kids. And one certainly won’t expect this to be the opening line on the home page of an online shopping portal for lil girls dresses!

We wanted a refreshing change and charming way to introduce our online store to you. ‘Faye the little fairy‘extends you all a warm welcome to the world of faye, and promises a unique and pleasant shopping experience. Once you get in and leaf through the dresses on offer, we want you to feel like you are on a fairy jaunt yourself! If you are a mother of a lil girl, you are sure to be happy at the range of pretty dresses showcased. It is an exquisite collection of dresses - vibrant, colourful and playful.

 ‘We wanted our portal to reflect the same design signature as our dresses. Simple, yet chic and elegant with a tinge of fun’. Faye dresses on offer is exactly that, trendy cuts and styles coupled with an indigenous play of different fabrics and colours, be it formal wear, occasion wear or a smart casual. ‘New age parents appreciate our designs as they are chic and charming. Faye dresses can be worn on any occasion depending on the way you accessorize them.

Behind the fairy world fascia, the portal has the features required for an excellent shopping experience. We hope you like the way the dresses are presented, zoom in features to see the dresses up close, description of the dresses, gift services etc. We provide details regarding the size of the clothing (a detailed size guide) which in turn gives you enough confidence to make the purchase. Many of our customers told us that they particularly liked the idea of how to measure using a simple thread in the absence of a measuring tape.  

A fairy is one who brings good news to their lil friends. So be a fairy by spreading the good news about faye among your friends and go on a fairy jaunt in the company of faye the lil fairy.


Greeting from Team Faye !