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October 12, 2018

Toddler Chic is in! Dressing your Baby Girl

Toddler Chic is in! Dressing your Baby Girl

 It’s a GIRL! Yes, the joy of being a mother to a baby girl is enhanced when you anticipate dressing her up as she grows. Nothing like styling your own daughter! Imagine the fun that you can have dressing her up in cute little outfits, especially when the mothers can’t be quite as fashion forward what with the post baby body. But, more so as you may not be able to choose her wardrobe forever. Enjoy having your own little real life doll to play dress up while you can!

When we think about baby girl dresses, the first thought that comes to our mind is comfort. You don’t have to compromise on style to get comfort. Comfort doesn’t mean pyjamas or only tights and a tee all the time. Take the time and enjoy putting together fun outfits for your baby girl. Yes, toddler chic is in when it comes to baby dresses 

Little girl’s are as cute and pretty as can be at this age, just about everything looks great on them. But with a little bit of thought, time and creativity she can transform into a little diva. Remember you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your baby girl stand out.

Buy basics that you can mix and match- Make your little girl’s wardrobe go that extra mile by choosing basic tees and pants in popular solid colours. Buy comfortable fitting pants (jeggings, denims, leggings, shorts) for everyday playwear. Along with this add a few stand outs that bring a pop of colour like striped, animal print or polka leggings. A couple of casual dresses and girls party dresses & Occasion Dresses are a must in their wardrobe. 

Here’s a Clothing list for a baby girl

Everyday Clothing

  1. Leggings (solid and fun prints)
  2. Jeggings
  3. Jeans in blue & black cols
  4. Casual skirts
  5. Casual dresses in cotton and jersey
  6. Tees in varying sleeve lengths
  7. Blouses (Cotton tops)
  8. Shorts ( solid and fun prints)
  9. Hair Accessories (clips, lace bands, tiaras etc)

Special Occasions

  1. A couple of  fluffed up girls party dresses for all those formal occasions


2. A couple of  A-line chic baby dresses  for the simple parties and dinners



  1. Swim suits
  2. Nightwear sets


  1. Button down sweater in a neutral shade
  2. A hoodie in a popular solid colour
  3. Stockings in neutral shades
  4. A raincoat in fun and colourful prints

And not forget the Footwear 

  1. Ballet flats in neutral shades to go with the special occasion dresses
  2. Flip flops/slip-on shoes
  3. Sneakers
  4. A couple of socks (dressy & plain)