Comfort vs Fashion: Choosing Kids wear for baby girls
November 12, 2018

Comfort vs Fashion: Choosing Kids wear for baby girls

Girls love to dress up! From the tiny ones to the tweens, they love wearing dresses. While some choose dresses purely on the basis of comfort, others like to see themselves in fashionable outfits. Girls are blessed when it comes to fashion as there are so many designs to select from.

Kids look cute in whatever dress they wear. There are a couple of things one needs to keep in mind when shopping for baby girls. Fabric plays a very important role before you decide to pick a particular dress. Kids are comfortable in certain fabrics and as a mother you will get to know the likes and dislikes of the child pretty soon. Fabrics like cotton, chiffons and silks are preferred by most kids as they are light, comfortable and airy. Only when they are comfortable with the dress they are wearing will they be happy outside. Dresses should also be selected based on the season. For summer season, it is better to go with cotton and chiffon clothes. Fabrics like these will make them feel comfortable. Cotton dresses can absorb more sweat thereby keeping the baby cool and at ease. During winter, go in for dresses in velvets or go in for a layered look. You can make your little one wear shift dresses with a polo necked t-shirt inside. Team it up with stockings and a good knit cap and she is good to go. While shopping, size of the dress also matters. The size should be a good fit or a slightly bigger one. Some parents tend to buy a much bigger size thinking that kids will grow fast and hence it is better to get a big one or they might outgrow the dress soon. But one should keep in mind that only when the dresses are worn to the correct size will they look good on them. However good the dress, if it is an ill fitted one, it will not look good on the wearer. 

While there are a wide range of dresses to choose from, one should always keep in mind what the child is comfortable in. For example, when it comes to fashion or comfort, it is always comfort as far as the baby girls are concerned. It is imperative that the parent chooses a dress which is both comfortable as well as elegant.  For a special occasion the dress needs to be classy and elegant but at the same time comfortable as well. Make sure that what touches the baby’s skin is cotton and not a synthetic fabric. This will give room for her skin to breathe and make her less cranky.  Make sure that nothing sharp or pricky touches her skin which would otherwise give her an aversion towards dresses. The dresses should also be easy to wear and remove hence dresses with zipper options are good. 

Dressing up their little girls is the greatest pleasure for a lot of mothers.  Mothers are a lot more indulgent when it comes to dressing up their bundle of joy; no effort is spared to get just the right dress for their baby girls. With the entry of a lot of brands, it has become much easier and fun to shop for the right dress. Happy Shopping!