About Faye


Welcome to the creative and colourful world of Faye 'the lil fairy'. Faye is an exclusive, designer kids wear Label. We are a Bangalore-based design and manufacturing house, with a vision of creating unique kids party dresses that are chic yet timeless in elegance. Faye dresses are designed with the comfort level of the child in mind and are sure to please our youngest customers and our fashion conscious Tweens. Faye was launched in the summer of 2011 by a husband and wife team. It started with a desire to provide chic and fun dresses for their little girls. With lots of appreciation and tons of encouragement from friends and family, Faye was born.

From its very conception, Faye was all about lil girls ......playful, vibrant, colourful and active. We at Faye are trying to capture the innocence and enchantment of childhood with charming dresses that is sure to make every child look and feel special. Our distinctive kids dresses are designed for ages 6mos through 10 yrs. The vision of Faye brand influences every aspect of the design of our dresses, to the choice of fabric, colours, style, fit & finish... We are passionate about creating beautiful dresses that will inspire colour and fun in the lives of our lil customers.

Faye offers baby dresses that transcends traditional realms - it’s whimsical, playful and most of all fun to wear! Each piece created by Faye has an element of dress up to it - and a little touch of fairytale sparkle dust! Faye line of clothing is functional and fashionable with an emphasis on easy on/easy off feature that we believe is essential for kids clothing. At Faye we strive to provide trendsetting, cute, adorable and fashion-forward kids wear online.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our happy customers and as 'Faye Fairies'

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